California's Home Study Driver Education Class

We offer online driver education and home study driver ed courses that satisfy the California Vehicle Code driver education requirements for students to obtain a DMV learners permit and drivers license. Our driver education classes are accepted by the California DMV. Designed for all California high school students in Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Orange, San Diego, Riverside and all other areas of California. A service of Pacific High School.

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Our Online Drivers Education Course
Meets the California DMV requirements for students under 18
to get a Learners Permit and a Drivers License

The California DMV Driver Handbook

This is a brief summary of California’s vehicle registration requirements. Detailed information is contained here on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website or in DMV brochures entitled “Fast Facts” or “How To” which are available by mail or by calling 1-800-777-0133

Visit DMV online to make an appointment or call 1-800-777-0133.

Registering a California Vehicle

When you purchase a new or used vehicle from a licensed California dealer, the dealer collects State Board of Equalization (BOE) sales tax and DMV fees to register and title the vehicle.

The dealer submits the fees and documents to DMV and gives you a temporary operating authority. Usually within six to eight weeks after your purchase date, you will receive a Registration Card, stickers and a Certificate of Title, if appropriate.

If you purchase a vehicle from a private party, you are responsible for transferring the vehicle within 10 days. Submit these items:

  • A properly endorsed and completed Certificate of Title or Application for Duplicate Title (REG 227).
  • Smog certification provided by the seller, if required.
  • Use tax payment, if required.
  • Odometer Mileage Disclosure statement, if applicable.
  • Appropriate DMV fees.

When you sell or transfer a vehicle, report it to DMV within 5 days on the Notice of Release of Liability form (REG 138). Enter the name and address of the purchaser and the date you sold or transferred the vehicle. Complete the entire form.

Registering An Out-of-State Vehicle

If your vehicle is registered in another state or foreign country, you must register the vehicle in California within 20 days after you become a resident or get a job. (See pages 2 and 3.)

Nonresident military personnel and their spouses may operate their vehicles in California with valid home state license plates or until the plates issued from their last duty station expire. They may renew the registration in their home state before it expires or register the vehicle in California.

Items needed to register all out-of-state vehicles are:

  • Completed and signed Application for Registration (REG 343).
  • Verification of the vehicle completed by DMV or an Auto Club employee.
  • Out-of-state title and/or currently issued out-of-state registration card, if the title is not submitted.
  • Smog certification (Vehicles that are 30 or more model years old are exempt from smog certification.)
  • Weight certificate for commercial vehicles only.
  • Appropriate DMV fees.
  • Completed Odometer Mileage Disclosure statement, if applicable.

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Our Driver Education Course is Accepted by the California DMV

View Our California DMV Verification Letter

Sample DMV Driver Education Certificate of Completion

California Highway Patrol

"Cal-Driver-Ed is a pioneer in the field of online driver education. Over 80,000 California teenagers have taken their courses and are driving today."

"I recommend Cal-Driver-Ed for home study driver education."

The following quotes are excerpts from a California DMV Study on the Effectiveness of Home-Study Driver Education (PDF) dated April 2003:

"Home-study students performed just as well or better than classroom students ... "

"Home-study courses may also have the additional benefit of increasing parental involvement in their teen's learning process, which has been shown to be an important factor ..."

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Proof of auto insurance must also be provided to DMV when you register or renew the license on a vehicle you own.