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We offer online driver education and home study driver ed courses that satisfy the California Vehicle Code driver education requirements for students to obtain a DMV learners permit and drivers license. Our driver education classes are accepted by the California DMV. Designed for all California high school students in Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Orange, San Diego, Riverside and all other areas of California. A service of Pacific High School.

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Driver Education Comparison Chart

Every California teenager must take drivers education to receive a California drivers license before they are 18 years old.

Many students take driver ed in their local high school. Unfortunately, many high schools do not offer drivers ed or make the students wait until after they are 15 1/2 because of over crowded classrooms.

You may also take drivers education from a local driving school. Unfortunately, most classes are taught on weekends or evenings which interfere with extra curricular activities such as sports, church, etc. The advantage to these courses is that some students learn better from lectures and classroom interaction.

It is now possible to study driver education online or with home study workbooks. The advantage is that you can study according to your schedule and finish as soon as your motivation and reading skills allow you.

Drivers education is the one course that you can't (shouldn't) goof off in or cheat because the true "final exam" is at your local DMV office where you have to take their written test all by yourself! If you haven't learned the the class materials you won't pass their test!

 Type of Class Driving School Online Study Home Study Workbook Class
 Where do you study driver education? Local Driving School At Home on Computer At Home or Anywhere
How old do you have to be? 15 years old 15 years old 15 years old
Time spent in class 25-30 Hours How well can you read? How well can you read?
 How to you get to class? Parents have to drive you Walk to computer Find your workbooks
 What does the driver education class cover? All methods teach basically the same information
 Driving Responsibilities Yes Yes Yes
 Human Physical and Psychological Issues Yes Yes Yes
The Effect of Natural Forces on Your Car Yes Yes Yes
 Signs, Signals and Road Markings Yes Yes Yes
Licensing, Registration & the California Vehicle Code Yes Yes Yes
Vehicle Systems Yes Yes Yes
Rules of the Road & Safe Driving Practices Yes Yes Yes
Accidents - Causes and Prevention Yes Yes Yes
Sharing the Road Yes Yes Yes
Alcohol and Drugs Yes Yes Yes
 What does student receive when they pass? All methods issue the same DMV Certificate of Completion
 DMV Certificate of Competion (DMV Form 387) Yes Yes Yes

Regardless of where you take Drivers Education the process from here on is the same ...

 What Does Student Do After Driver Education?
 Enroll in Local Driving School. (Must be 15 1/2 years old) yes yes yes
 Take Enrollment Certificate and Driver Ed Certificate to DMV yes yes yes
Pay DMV $24.00 fee for California Learners Permit yes yes yes
Take written drivers test at DMV. yes yes yes
 Take first "Behind the Wheel Lesson" from driving school yes yes yes
 Learners Permit is now valid, begin driving with parents yes yes yes
 Practice until student turns 16 AND has six months practice yes yes yes
 Go to DMV and take driving test yes yes yes
 Show proof of insurance yes yes yes
 Receive your California Drivers License YES ! YES ! YES !

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Our Driver Education Course is Accepted by the California DMV

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Sample DMV Driver Education Certificate of Completion

California Highway Patrol

"Cal-Driver-Ed is a pioneer in the field of online driver education. Over 80,000 California teenagers have taken their courses and are driving today."

"I recommend Cal-Driver-Ed for home study driver education."

The following quotes are excerpts from a California DMV Study on the Effectiveness of Home-Study Driver Education (PDF) dated April 2003:

"Home-study students performed just as well or better than classroom students ... "

"Home-study courses may also have the additional benefit of increasing parental involvement in their teen's learning process, which has been shown to be an important factor ..."

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